Watch the Texas Sky!

Crashed saucers, Alien Abductions, and Strange Lights in the Texas Sky... Texas has quite a history with Unidentified Flying Objects. The first documented UFO sighting in Texas was as early as 1873, and the very first description of a "saucer" UFO was given in the Lone Star State as well. From the mysterious floating lights of Marfa to the great Granbury Airship, this book gives documented accounts of Texas UFO sightings over the span of 150 years. Witnesses include people from all walks of life, including news reporters, military personnel, police officers and sheriff's deputies. The UFOs themselves come in all shapes and sizes: fireballs that move with intelligence, cigar-shaped crafts, and of course, the classic flying saucers. And then there's the one from Stephenville, Texas, that was described as being, "Bigger than a Wal-Mart!" You'll even read the author's personal UFO story. Come delve into the rich history of Lone Star UFO sightings in "Close Encounters of the Texas Kind!"

The book is a trade paperback, 5.5" x 8.5", 180 pages, with photos and illustrations. The price is $17.95, which includes shipping and sales tax. To order securely using PayPal (which also accepts credit cards and e-checks), click on the PayPal order button below.